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Mobile Phone Repairs
Broken screen, faulty charging port or speaker issues fixed here
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Netbook Not Updating Windows?
We can update your Windows 10 to the latest version even if you don't have enough room
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Broken Laptop Screen?
We can replace your broken screen from £95 including parts and labour
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Slow Laptop, PC or Mac?
Speed up your computer with our system maintenance and service checkup
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Laptop PC & Mac Upgrades
From SSD to more memory, we can upgrade your computer
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Apple Laptops, Desktops, Mobile Phones and Tablets Fixed Here

Do you have a faulty Apple device? Or are you looking to extend the life of your Apple device?

Even if you have been told that you need a new one, let us have a look first. We can repair a wide range of Apple devices from iPods, iPads & iPhones to MacBooks and iMacs.

Let our Apple Certified Technician fix your iDevice today.

Components and Preripherals Also Available

Not only do we provide excellent support and repair services, EZ Computers Ltd also provide individual components, peripherals, complete PCs and laptops.

Come in, check out our stock and see if we can help you find the parts you are looking for.

AMD & Intel Processors
AMD Ryzen or Threadripper, Intel i3, i5, i7 or i9
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AMD & Intel Motherboards
AMD or Intel Compatible Motherboards
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DDR-3 & DDR-4, for Laptop or Desktop Computers
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Hard Drives & SSDs
High-capacity Hard Drives or Fast SSDs
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Graphics Cards
AMD Radeon or nVIDIA GeForce
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Computer Cases
Cases suitable for Gaming or Office work
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Power Supplies
From Wallet-friendly to High-Performance
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From Keyboards and Mice, to Headsets and Printers